Friday, April 19, 2013

A Trip to Australia - Dream of a Lifetime

April 19, 2013

Dear Friends,

It's been quite the adventure over the past three and a half years that it took to write my book. I want to take a step back with you, and summarize where we are right now? Sooooo, let's enumerate!

1. I am retiring! Yes, indeed, the work-a-day world is coming to an end, and not a moment too soon. My patience with the corporate world has worn as thin as a single piece of tissue paper, and it's ready to rip. Now, let's be clear, I didn't contain myself completely, it's difficult for me to hide my emotions. However, I maintained a certain decorum that I felt was appropriate in the office. Upon arriving home in the evening, all bets were off. It's always good to express your feelings. Thank God my husband is a good listener. Wait! Did I detect ear plugs!?  "George! Are those ear plugs?"

2.  The book is published!  Hooray!! You noticed that I put retirement up there, at number one, and the book second. I have my priorities straight. I don't fool myself with thoughts of becoming the next J.K. Rowling. Instead, I look forward to the next 'chapter' in my life. It will be filled with things I enjoy doing; more books I intend writing, positive people that I want to spend time with, and places I want to see that I hadn't before.  And speaking of places that I have never been to before, brings us to enumerated point number THREE.

3. I am going to Australia people!! I have loved it from afar, read about it, researched its flora and fauna, admired it deserts, which is much of what the continent is, and wished with all my heart that someday I would visit. Well, that day has arrived. Poisonous varmints, here I come!!

And to honor all those unusual creatures down under, I offer the following. Do enjoy, and come back to visit again.
J.E. Rogers

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  1. Congratulations on your retirement Jeanne!! How awesome:) Enjoy your trip to our wonderful country...when are you coming, and how long for?
    Cheers, Brenda