Wednesday, October 12, 2016


The loss of someone close to us is always painful. This week my daughter, Katharine, was nursing a small kitten which she named Cannoli. The tiny cat was having difficulty maintaining its body temperature and Katharine spent hours doing her best to comfort him and keep him warm. In the end, there was nothing she could do and the poor kitten died. She was shattered, and tears ran freely as she talked to me by phone. I did my best to comfort and console her. I told her to cry, talk about it, and release herself from guilt. She would feel pain and sorrow, but she was soothed by the knowledge that she had spent time with Cannoli, and had given him love, even if it was for a short while.

This week, I am departing from my usual posts to introduce author Sharon Diaz, who is devoted to helping children understand and cope with grief. Her passion for doing so has led to a series of ‘letters’ she has written entitled, Melodee Roo & The Wantoks Too! Letters for Grieving Children Like You. In these beautifully illustrated letters, two animal friends share their experience of loss. Youngsters will be able to understand and accept their grief as they and their parents read these inspiring stories, which contain songs and activities to help them deal with a tragedy in their lives. 

I thank Sharon for all she does and continues to do in this much needed but rarely discussed field of work. It is an honor to introduce her to you.

Jeanne E. Rogers
October 2016, Tampa, Florida

Animals Help Children To Cope With Loss
By, Sharon Diaz 

When children experience the death of a loved one, they need comfort, support and guidance in many different ways. But our cultural norm is to protect our kids from pain, so many families choose not to openly address grief with them, making children known as the forgotten grievers.

     Animals hold a special place in most kid's hearts. They can soothe you when you're sad, warm you when you're cold, calm you when you worry and even make you laugh when you're down in the dumps. 
      Melodee Roo & The Wantoks Too! Letters For Grieving Children Like You, allows children and their families to move along, step-by-step as they learn to express their feelings, gain insights, and feel less alone in their grief. Children can relate to the rainforest characters, and lessons can be learned in non-intimidating ways. Melodee Roo The Tree Kangaroo is the main character who writes letters to a grieving child. She understands the language of loss and grief. She had to learn it after the death of her grandmother.
     One day, Melodee Roo’s close friend, Apsy The Cassowary tells her about his brother’s death from an accident. They join together in their journey through grief and the healing power of friendship helps to soothe their heartache.  Their rainforest friends, the Wantoks, lend encouragement through the roller coaster of feelings and thoughts that accompany loss.

     Melodee Roo teaches grieving children that they have the strength and stamina to move forward after the death of a loved one. She befriends a child, unconditionally guiding them to cope with the loss of a loved one.
     Knowing that digital help is available at any time, wherever it is needed, at the pace a family is ready for, Melodee Roo & The Wantoks Too! Letters for Grieving Children Like You, is a comforting, educational, inspiring, online series of 12 enhanced e-books.  Each letter provides detailed, in-depth steps offering specific techniques through story, comforting songs written by renowned composer David Friedman, and sung by Sara Vincent. The illustrations by Donald Wu ensures that a child will enjoy the exceptional characters. There are engaging Roo-Tivities, videos, and links to help a child express their feelings and thoughts in coping with the loss of a loved one.
 It’s important not to forget children during loss. Together we can help one heart at a time.

Sharon Diaz LPC, LADC, is the author of Melodee Roo & The Wantoks Too! Letters For Grieving Children Like You. She wrote it following the death of her nephew who left behind two small children. She is a Marriage & Family Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, and Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselor in private practice in Shelton, Connecticut. For a Free Trial visit  and visit our Facebook page at

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