Monday, March 14, 2011

The Fascinating Creatures of Sunderland!

In the realm of Sunderland, a series of events are taking place that will culminate in a fierce battle between good and evil.

Meet Another one of our heroes. 
in the picture below, stokley appears au naturale! In our story, the young warrior echidna, finds strength and skills that he never knew he had. Enjoy this short snippet from the book.

let your imagination soar!

deep in the forests of Sunderland, Stokley and his close companion, Slade, are hidden beneath a fallen log. They have just escaped the clutches of the fierce dragon lizards. The Guardian of the Forest, Aldon, appears to support and encourage them.

Stokley, I want you to have this.” Aldon leaned toward Stokley. In his paw he held an elaborately carved recurve bow made of light birch and inlaid with ebony scrolling.
“Aldon, I can’t . . . .” Stokley looked up at Aldon in amazement. “Only the best of our echidna warriors carry such a bow!”   
“You’re right, Stokley. Please take these as well.” In Aldon’s paw a quiver of arrows magically appeared. A shower of sparkling light fell from the arrows and evaporated in the air around Stokley. “You have to practice, but I have faith in you. You will become a great warrior.”

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