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A Child's Environmental Fable

"Fitzroy is a young kangaroo living with his mob in the Australian outback. The land is rich and green and the water is good, but there’s a big pile of garbage beside the train tracks and every day another passenger train flies past, throwing more bags onto the pile. It’s a stinky mess and some of the kangaroos are getting sick. The mob must do something to save their home. Fitzroy is full of ideas and his father, Boomer, who is also the mob leader, thinks that they’re good ideas. They ask the wedge-tailed eagles for help because they are scavengers. But the eagles refuse; it’s too big of a mess. They ask the dibblers, whose claws and teeth are sharp enough to clean up the mess. They refuse as well, since one of their own, Uncle Alistair, recently went missing in the pile of rubbish." 
*****5 Star Review from Reader's Favorite

What will the roos do? You'll just have to read the story to find out! 

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Masquerade Crew July Cover Wars Winner

To celebrate winning July's Cover Wars on Masquerade Crew, I am posting an excerpt from the book. It just happens to be the prologue. I do hope you enjoy it. Thank you to everyone who voted for The Gift of Sunderland. I am so very grateful!  

The Gift of Sunderland 

Waylond Ayers stood on the banks of the Gabbling. The water of the river rushed by forming eddies around smooth rocks. Acadia and Demelza, territories within the realm of Sunderland, teemed with life, but today the Forest was quiet. Warm breezes blew through the trees and ruffled Waylond’s fur. A green leaf drifted down before him and dropped into the river. The current pulled it under. The leaf rose briefly to the surface, then disappeared beneath the dark water.
 Waylond scanned the woods on the far side of the Gabbling. Not another soul was in sight, and he was grateful for the solitude. He had not been to this embankment since the tragedy. The memory of what had happened at this spot on the river was clear in his mind, and it stung his heart like the poisonous bite of a brown snake. He bent a knee to the hard earth and thought about all that had passed between himself and his brother, Morlund.  Then, slipping his claw beneath the gold clasp that held his cape around his neck, he released it and let the cloak fall to the ground.
A royal numbat, his family was composed of an ancestry of mighty marsupials, sworn to care for and protect the weaker inhabitants of the countryside. They made sure the cycle of life and death continued as the Forest intended, and maintained peace and harmony among all creatures. As in times gone by, Guardianship was passed down. The voices of the Forest’s former Guardians spoke the name of the next in line. He was chosen and would need to take on the obligations expected of him.
But those heavy responsibilities could not hold him in the present. Dark memories clouded his thoughts as the mighty marsupial squeezed his eyes shut. The breeze skittered across the river bringing painful recollections with it. Rising from the chattering waters, his memories arrived on the whistling wind.
           “Waylond!” The boy’s shrill voice called out as he ran along the dirt path toward the river. “I’ll beat you there!” Leaving their mother behind to set up a picnic lunch, they hurried on toward the Gabbling.  Waylond caught up to his older brother, Morlund, and tackled him. They rolled together in the tall weeds, giggling and nipping playfully at each other.
            “Careful, boys,” their mother’s voice warned from within the trees. “Don’t get too close to the river. Stay near.”
            Rising to their feet, both boys ignored their mother’s warning and headed closer to the rushing water. They played near the edge of the river and wandered too close to the Gabbling’s slick banks.
            It happened in the blink of an eye. The riverbank seemed to reach out and take hold of Morlund’s feet, and he fell into the river.  Waylond thrust out a paw, but he could not reach his brother in time.
            Waylond screamed for help, and their mother sprinted to the spot. She raced down along the bank until she was close to her son. Jumping into the river, the current pulled her under. Rising to the surface, she clutched at Morlund, and gasped for air. Waylond watched helplessly as his mother shoved and pushed Morlund toward the bank.  Finally, she lifted Morlund and dropped him in a heap onto a flat boulder. She tried to hold on to the smooth surface, but she was exhausted. Her paw slid off the edge and the swift current embraced her and carried her away.
            “Mother,” Waylond shouted from the shore. “Mother!” He ran along the river, keeping her in sight for as long as he could. He lifted his paw, asking the Forest for help, trying to use his immature sorcery, but he couldn’t. A swift wind whistled through the treetops in response to his call. He stopped. He stood staring, his chest heaving. He no longer saw her head above the rolling water.
            “Mother!” Waylond woke from his reverie. He was alone again on the bank of the river, staring out at the flat rock—the rock that had saved his brother. It was the same rock his mother could not hold on to. Sadness gripped him and he scolded himself, as he had done so many times before, for not being able to save her.


In the Shadow of Fortress Demelza, the lives of three natural enemies collide, forging an unlikely friendship. 

Devon, a young red fox, along with Erik and Emma, two young marsupials, learn that an evil king has gained control of a powerful sword. Under the king's command, a demon thylacine and dragon lizards are burning villages and threatening the peaceful creatures of the countryside.
In an act of desperation, the three friends realize they must put everything aside and join a rebel army whose main purpose is to end the reign of the king!

Filled with captivating characters that will entrance both young and older readers, The Sword of Demelza, is an exciting and wildly imaginative adventure. Join our endangered heroes on their quest to free their fellow creatures of Sunderland. You will be drawn into a world of fantasy and fellowship that you will remember always. 

The Sword of Demelza by J.E. Rogers and illustrated by Guy Atherfold and William Hulbert is a masterpiece of fantasy and adventure created with powerful words and brought to life with stunning illustrations.”
Jane Finch, Children’s Author

“Jeanne E. Rogers has woven a delightful fantasy adventure using unique marsupials and other creatures of the native Australian bush. Her vivid imagination entwines the natural beauty of the outback landscape and fascinating creatures into a fantasy world so clear you would almost wish it actually existed. The thrilling tale is sure to draw in children of all ages.”
Sandra Bennett, Children’s Author

“No worries, as they say. The action started in the first chapter and didn't let up until the very end. Even then, there is enough of a hint that some of the villains survived that they could show up in a sequel. Good stuff.”


Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards – 2014 Gold Medal Winner
Writer’s Digest eBook Awards 2013 – Honorable Mention
Reader’s Favorite Int’l Book Awards – 2014 Bronze Medal Winner
Book of the Year Finalist, ForeWord Reviews – 2014 Finalist
Benjamin Franklin Digital Gold Honoree- 2014


A rift has been created in the Ayers’ lineage. Roland Ayers, Guardian of the Forest, knows that he must obey the voices of past Guardians and declare the next in line. When the announcement is made, two estranged brothers will be torn further apart, causing the Forest to rise from its long sleep.

Follow Fergal, Waylond, and the rest of our heroes as they trek across Sunderland to the depths of Mt. Olga where evil dwells. It’s there they will discover the importance of family and friendship!

With The Gift of Sunderland, talented fantasy author, J.E. Rogers, has again let loose a bunch of well-dressed and unique Aussie critters...the perfect tale to inherit the splendid mate of Rogers' first book, The Sword of Demelza. Great writing, and finely drawn and dramatic artwork throughout, creates a fantasy would that becomes a reality. Set free your imagination, and dive in for what I suspect will be the best mid grade read of the year. 
Margo Finke, author: Dreamtime Man, Kangaroo Clues.

This is a stunning book set in a fantasy world with animal characters that are believable and credible. An exciting adventure, where good battles evil, brother fights brother, and the reader is praying for a happy ending.
Jane Finch, Author and owner of Finchlark Books. 

WINNER! Benjamin Franklin Gold Digital Award Honoree
The prose and plot is just beautiful - I would happily recommend this to anyone..." 
Judge, Benjamin Franklin Digital Awards 

5 Star Editorial Review - Readers' Favorite 
The Gift of Sunderland: An Australian Fantasy Adventure is epic fantasy at its finest, and it's most highly recommended." Readers' Favorite Review

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