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My second book, The Gift of Sunderland, went live as an eBook on Amazon on February 17th and it is now available in print as well. I’m obviously very excited about this and thought I would spend this week's post talking about it.

What makes my middle grade fantasies different from others out there? Simple! I like to refer to it as entertainment that educates. What if, while you’re reading a fast-paced adventure, you are being introduced to animals and places that you never heard of before? What if after you’ve devoured the fantasy, and the beautiful sketches you saw along the way, you are intrigued enough to learn more about the unusual animals and places mentioned within the story? Now imagine that you have a glossary right at the back of the book. The glossary is complete with information, pictures, and links about all the flora and fauna mentioned in the book! What could be cooler than that? That’s exactly what you will get in The Gift of Sunderland. 

The story takes place in Sunderland, a land reminiscent of Australia, but ‘peopled’ by some very unusual critters. There’s a royal line of Numbats, with a family quarrel that runs very deep. Morlund mourns the loss of his mother, and blames his brother for not being able to save her. His wound will not heal. When Waylond is named as Guardian of the Forest, Morlund’s anger boils over and he plots to take the Guardianship for himself. Overcome by his brother’s hatred, and burdened with responsibility and guilt, Waylond wanders into the Forest where he can come to grips with all that happened to him and his family.

Years go by when a small female Quoll named Fergal, unexpectedly enters Waylond’s life. Fergal sparks a fire in him, and helps him to realize that he must accept his responsibility as Guardian for the sake of the many creatures that depend on him. She also touches the heart of a number of other characters as she and Waylond travel to the depths of Mt. Olga, where Waylond must face his brother in a final conflict.

The book contains more than ten sketches by artist, Guy Atherfold, which provide a wonderful look at these unusual characters, helping young readers to develop a picture in their mind as they envision the adventure.

Waylond and Fergal

Here’s a short excerpt from The Gift of Sunderland:

"Waylond Ayers stood on the banks of the Gabbling. The water of the river rushed by forming eddies around smooth rocks. Acadia and Demelza, territories within the realm of Sunderland, teemed with life, but today the Forest was quiet. Warm breezes blew through the trees and ruffled Waylond’s fur. A green leaf drifted down before him and dropped into the river. The current pulled it under. The leaf rose briefly to the surface, then disappeared beneath the dark water. 

Waylond scanned the woods on the far side of the Gabbling. Not another soul was in sight, and he was grateful for the solitude. He had not been to this embankment since the tragedy. The memory of what had happened at this spot on the river was clear in his mind, and it stung his heart like the poisonous bite of a brown snake. He bent a knee to the hard earth and thought about all that had passed between himself and his brother, Morlund. Then, slipping his claw beneath the gold clasp that held his cape around his neck, he released it and let the cloak fall to the ground.

A royal numbat, his family was composed of an ancestry of mighty marsupials, sworn to care for and protect the weaker inhabitants of the countryside. They made sure the cycle of life and death continued as the Forest intended, and maintained peace and harmony among all creatures. As in times gone by, Guardianship was passed down. The voices of the Forest’s former Guardians spoke the name of the next in line. He was chosen and would need to take on the obligations expected of him.

The book is available on Amazon. 

I do hope you consider purchasing a copy for yourself or for a young reader you know. If you would like a signed copy of the book, simply contact me personally at jeanne.rogers22@gmail.com.

Thank you so very much! 


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