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By J.E. Rogers

The Dhole, (pronounced Dole), is also known as the Asiatic Dog and the Indian Wild Dog. The below photo inspired me to write about this beautiful animal, which I think looks like a blend of the red wolf and a red fox. Unlike the red wolf and red fox, the Dhole has rounded ears and a shorter jaw than other canids. Therefore, they have one less molar tooth on either side of their jaw. 

Photo credit: San Diego Zoo

              RED WOLF                                                                        RED FOX

Incredible athletes, the Dhole can jump seven feet straight up. It is also a powerful swimmer and a swift runner. It helps to run fast when you live in a habitat that includes tigers and leopards. They are a medium size canid. Males can weigh up to forty-four pounds and females up to twenty-nine pounds. They live in packs of about ten dogs where the males usually outnumber the females.

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The Dhole, is a highly social animal, which is found living in packs throughout the ‘Indian subcontinent, north into Korea, China and eastern Russia and south through Malaysia and Indonesia reaching as far as Java’ ( Their numbers are being reduced due to fragmentation instigated by habitat destruction. When populations become fragmented, isolation is the result, thus creating a situation where population growth is negligible. As a result, the Dhole is endangered. 

They are carnivorous and have been known to kill prey ten times their size. This is accomplished via pack cooperation. They are highly organized hunters, and while one group of dogs flush out prey, another group will wait in ambush. It’s a highly efficient form of hunting, much like the wild dogs of Africa. Good swimmers, the Dhole has been known to chase prey toward water to capture it. Since their hunting territory is densely forested, the Dhole has developed a highly complex form of communication. A high whistle will signal the group to come together, especially while hunting, as the below video will show.

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