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It’s finally arrived and I am more than pleased to announce it.

If your child loves reading and learning about animals, my latest work is just what you're looking for. One Hot Mess, A Child's Environmental Fable is an early reader/picture book which I am certain will be enjoyed both by youngsters who are beginning readers, and parents who enjoy reading stories to them. The beautiful full-color illustrations by Guy Atherfold bring the story and the characters to life. A glossary at the back of the book provides information about the unusual flora and fauna found within this delightful tale.


Our story takes place in Australia’s outback where a mob of kangaroos are wondering how in the world they will be able to solve a very dirty problem. A pile of garbage sits alongside the train tracks and every day it grows and grows.

It’s Fitzroy, a young joey who speaks up from his mother’s pouch. He is determined to find a solution to the problem, and he is full of ideas. His father, Boomer, thinks his son is on to something.

However, after asking the wedge-tailed eagles, the dibblers, and the camels for help, they come up empty. What are they to do?

The mob realizes that sometimes the help you need is right there beside you. You just have to have the courage to step forward and make it happen all by yourself.


“With her newest story, J.E. Rogers has deftly turned her hand to crafting a timeless tale for children in the form of a gorgeously illustrated picture storybook that packs a fine message about caring for the environment.”
Jason J. Marchi, author of the best-selling picture storybook, The Legend of Hobbomock: The Sleeping Giant, a REVERE Awards Finalist (

J.E. Rogers’ fantasy tales are brilliant reads for kids. The stories bring children into the Australian outback, teaching them about animals they don’t typically see, and gives them beautifully illustrated pictures for them to enjoy throughout the books.
Lisa Fender – Author of The Lorn Prophecy series. (

This delightfully written picture book is rather sneaky. Tucked in with all the action and fun is a message kids will rememberclean up your mess! I recommend reading One Hot Mess to your child or your class. Kids see how a sneaky writer and a mob of kangaroos put responsible teamwork to the test, and were super happy with the results.
Margot Finke—Magic Carpet of 15 Books

J.E. Rogers’ One Hot Mess, A Child's Environmental Fable is one that teaches young and old alike the importance of protecting our environment. It also teaches us about some of the wild animals that live in the Australian outback, like the kangaroos, the wedge-tailed eagles, and the dibblers. There is a glossary at the back of the book that provides interesting and valuable information on Australia and its wildlife. The message is clear: what we throw so carelessly away affects the wildlife and the wildlife is important to our entire ecosystem. This story is beautifully illustrated and compassionately told, with a child and a young kangaroo teaching us what we should already know—to work together to keep things clean, to protect the environment.

One Hot Mess, a Child’s Environmental Fable will soon be available on Amazon, and other fine online book sellers. For a short period of time I am happy to offer the book, signed at a special cost of $15.00. This cost will include shipping of the book.

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Jeanne E. Rogers, Author
The Sword of Demelza, The Gift of Sunderland, and
One Hot Mess, a Child’s Environmental Fable
Award Winning Middle Grade Fantasy, Where Endangered Animal Heroes Roam the Pages!

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