Wednesday, July 27, 2016

By J.E. Rogers

Indigenous to Australia, the Orange-Bellied Parrot is critically endangered. This colorful parrot belongs to a group of parrots called Neophema. Neophema is an Australian genus of parrot. There are six species in the genus, and they are all small and are also known as grass parrots. Males and females have the same coloring, but the male tends to have brighter hues.

This beautiful parrot, as its name indicates, has an orange belly, blue tipped wings and green feathers over its back. The males are easily identified by the bright blue band above their nose.

When this parrot is alarmed, it gives off a metallic buzzing sound and can fly straight up from the ground. The parrot prefers to forage on the ground, so this flight up from the ground is an exceptionally good defense mechanism.

The parrot is critically endangered as a result of habitat destruction. Their habitat has been continually depleted due to urban development and farming expansion.


Although it was once widespread across Australia, it is now confined to a small strip of land in southwest Tasmania.

Approximately 75 acres has now been set aside by the South Australian government in an effort to preserve the habitat for the Orange-bellied Parrot. Ian Hunter, the Minister of Environment and Conservation, has said, "It's been long known to be a vulnerable population and linking up areas of habitat give it the best possibility of maintaining its nesting sites. It's very important that we can actually consolidate these areas of protected reserves so we actually increase its range and increase its ability to produce young in the wild."

The Australians view this parrot as a treasure. I am certain they will do their level best to ensure the survival of this beautiful bird.

To learn more about what the government of Australia is doing, visit this site:

To learn more about the Orange-bellied Parrot, visit these sites:

Here’s a very short video which shows what is being done to help the existing population of Orange-bellied Parrots.

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