Thursday, June 15, 2017

By J.E. Rogers

The Grasshopper Mouse is not your ordinary house mouse. This fearless, miniscule mouse can take on a scorpion.

Let’s meet and learn a bit about this incredibly aggressive rodent.

Photo credit: Matthew and Ashlee Rowe

The Grasshopper Mouse lives in the Southwestern United States. It is the only carnivorous mouse in North America. This little sparkplug of a mammal eats scorpions for lunch. Although the sting and venom of a scorpion are deadly and extremely painful, it doesn’t seem to have an effect on the Grasshopper Mouse. How does it do it? Well, from what I’ve read, this mouse has a protein that stops the nerves from reacting to the venom. This protein turns the venom from a pain to a painkiller. Research is being conducted to see if this ability can apply to human medicine. To read more about this phenomenon, click here:  

Photo credit: Matthew and Ashlee Rowe

This mouse also likes insects, worms, and snakes. They are even immune to the bite of other venomous creatures like centipedes. Very territorial, their home range is about 28 acres (Wikipedia).

I’ve found a video created by the BBC which provides an interesting look at the Grasshopper Mouse’s diet and hunting habits. As I said above, they are very territorial and have an unusual way of telling other Grasshopper Mice to stay off their turf — they howl at the moon.

Photo credit: Michael and Patricia Fogden

The Grasshopper Mouse leads a fairly solo life, but may be found in pairs; female and male. It grows to about three and a half to five inches in length with a tail that is approximately one to two and a half inches long.

Photo credit:

In the following video from Michigan State University, you will learn about the Grasshopper Mouse’s ability to turn toxic venom into a pain killer.

Oh, one last thing. I hope you will have guessed that the Grasshopper Mouse got its name due to the fact that it eats a lot of grasshoppers. J

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