Monday, April 29, 2013

Off to Australia!

Dear Friends,

So now I am a lady of leisure, a retired lady of leisure. So I guess you want more!? Yes, you’re right, I should be giving you more, but that’s not gonna happen over the next several weeks. Why? My friends and I,...

(Here are my friends, or at least, some of them.)

…will be traveling together to Australia. I’m certain you’ve met my friends before, but I’ll introduce them again. From left to right; Hector the Gang-gang cockatoo, Sebastian the Quoll, Ackley and Amber the Puggle babes, Pearce the Quokka, Gorgon the Dragon Lizard, Babble the Sugar Glider, and last but not least, Byrnie the Black-faced Kowari rides atop his steadfast companion Lazlo the Wombat. Not everyone is in this picture. We’re missing Erik & Emma the kowari twins, and of course, Devon. I've put their pictures below.  They are all in my head. They all go everywhere with me.

 I will be blogging on Mondays from now on. I hope you will be with me for the next two Mondays. I plan on posting about two of the characters, and speaking about the animals themselves, the real ones, not the ones in my story. You may recall that many of them are endangered, and, as we've said, they live in Australia. So please join me for the next two Mondays. I promise to make it interesting and enlightening.

Next Monday, May 6th, I will talk about Sebastian the Quoll. I’ll be sharing a bit about his part in the story and then, as I said above; I will be sharing some interesting facts about quolls. 

On the fifteenth of May, I will leave for Australia.  I promise that when I return I will return with stories, and pictures from OZ. I will be able to speak first hand about the land down under and the wonderful creatures that make the world's largest island their home. :-) 

Until next Monday, All the Best. 
J.E. Rogers 


  1. I've never been to Australia so I await with eagerness your reporting from there. Bon Voyage!

    1. This is a first for me too, Darlene. Thank you so much for commenting, and you can be sure that I will have much to share when I return. Please pass on my blog to friends you think may be interested, and once again, that you so much for stopping by!