Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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April 24, 2013

Dear Friends,

Before I get to the BIG news, I have to tell you a story. Isn’t that just like a writer! Actually, it’s not a story it’s the truth.  I have been focused these last several weeks, my eye always on the day when my book will release and show up on Amazon. So it should come as no surprise to you all that my dreams have been cluttered with various strange, and interesting messages. Last night was the best of them all.

My son David was in the kitchen this morning and telling me about a dream that he had. And there it was! Last night’s dream popped into my mind and I looked at him and said, ‘Wait ‘til you hear this one.’

In my dream, I was having a cup of coffee, and talking across the table with my AGENT. (I bold the word agent because I don’t have one. It’s a dream – stay with me.)  She was lovely, brown wavy hair, sympathetic grey eyes, smiling, totally focused on me, everything you hope your agent will be.

In my dream we were chatting away about my book, and I was hoping she would decide to be mine; a match made in heaven (sigh). Having read the book, her main purpose for meeting me, and sharing a cup of jo, was to tell me whether or not she would represent me. The room was a buzz with activity. I looked to the table across the isle. They were eating mac & cheese – must be Panera, I thought. I turned back and she was saying, “I love what you’ve done here. The world you created is filled with action, adventure, and it’s so different from anything else out there. Who would have thought that one could create a story where the animals talk. Now, we’re not just seeing regular talking animals, no, not at all. These animals are endangered. I don’t even know what a kowari is, and let’s not get started on numbats.” She glared at me questioningly. “That’s right, numbat, correct, and it’s not a bat at all is it?”

“No, it’s not,” I said. “It’s a marsupial.”

“Ah, yes. There are a number of marsupials in your story. I love it, and the glossary in the back, my God, what a brilliant idea.”

Wow! In my head I was thinking, it’s gonna happen, I know, it’s gonna happen. Until…

“There’s just one thing I would like you to change for me.”

Brakes on! Full stop!

“What’s that?” I ask with a smile that belied my inner panic.

“Well,” she said. “I would like you to remove the talking mushrooms. They just aren’t doing it for me.” 

I looked down into my cup of coffee. “Talking mushrooms…now where did I put the talking mushrooms, and what was it they were talking about?” The coffee wasn’t giving out any info. “There are mushrooms in my story?” I asked the coffee. Composing myself, I looked up at her. “Well, I most certainly can remove them, but I’d rather just change them into another species.”

Species of mushroom, what was I thinking? Another marsupial, perhaps that’s what I was thinking. I could see those mushrooms in my dreaming mind. They were cute little white-capped buttons, talking in the dream. They were there in the forest with my other characters, and they were talking. Mushrooms can’t talk! Hey, I’m a writer if I want to make mushrooms talk, I’ll damn well do it.

End of Dream!

So sorry, there are no talking mushrooms in the book. However, there are talking animals. You and your children may not have heard of some of these animals, but they do exist on the continent of Australia. Some of them are endangered. That’s the point, you see. It’s not only a very imaginative, epic adventure; it’s a learning tool. The glossary at the back of the book will provide a brief description of the flora and fauna roaming about the pages. There is also a status of the animal in the wild; endangered, least concern, vulnerable, etc. You get the idea.

The Sword of Demelza, is now available on Amazon, and also via CreateSpace. I’ve given you the links below. If you decide to purchase the book (which I hope, I hope, I hope you do), please hit the Facebook, or twitter button after your purchase. This will go a long way in announcing my book to your friends, family and followers. If you like it after you read it, please write a short review on the amazon page. Give it some stars, give it life, give it legs! 

I send a million thanks to all of those individuals who were essential in making my book a reality for me. I would have been lost without you.  Just to name a few;

Guy Atherfold – a wonderful sketch artist, and friend from afar!
Bill Hulbert - my nephew - your initial sketches inspired me!
Gavin Doyle – an editor with no comparison!
Beth Bruno – an editor whose final touches made all the difference.
My family – My husband, George, and my children, Erik, David and Katie
         – Love you Guys!

Now, for the next book!  Are ya with me? I know you are. Back to the laptop.
Thank you all so very much!

J.E. Rogers 

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  1. Oh, what a funny dream! I felt like I'd fallen down a rabbit hole, and was listening to Alice! Of course, I love your whole concept, especially bringing attention to endangered animals in such a creative and fascinating way. The artwork is fantastic - so upbeat! Your illustrator must be very proud to be part of such a worthwhile, enduring project! Best wishes for continued success. It's always a privilege to share your good news!