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I am honored this week to introduce my readers to an artist and writer who occupies a little corner of my heart. Her work defines our connection with the world around us in verse and on canvas. The beauty of her paintings and her words speak to us of reverence for and commitment to the land—to the world around us; This is the Land of Two Suns!

Shelley Lowell didn’t start out with the intention of writing This is the Land of Two SunsShe started out painting other worldly landscapes that came to her through meditation. 

Living Fragments

After painting nearly nineteen surreal, austere, and meditative images that appear to be planet earth long after humans have become extinct, Shelley began writing poems, one for each painting. The poems came fast and furious. She simply meditated on each painting’s image and asked it what its story was. The words that came through her became the painting’s story with a bit of editing here and there. The poems or stories have metaphysical or psychological messages. Some have an apocalyptic theme. Many express Nature’s feelings about her plight of survival in a world where humans are her predators. Trees and Nature share their feelings about and for each other. They share their hopes, dreams, fears, desires and premonitions about the human condition and the precarious situation facing the planet’s survival. These nineteen paintings and poems are a wake-up call for humanity. 


They became the book, This is the Land of Two Suns, a catalyst for humanity to make right choices to save the human species and planet earth, to see Nature as humanity’s partner, to put away differences, forget personal and corporate greed, and work for the common good of all, so humans can reverse the conditions of earth and save life as we know it on this glorious planet. Most of all, to live in peace, love, and respect. 


This is the Land of Two Suns is the voice of Nature. It allows her to express her thoughts and feelings. The reader cannot put this book down without feeling connected to Nature on a whole different level. 

Shelley Lowell’s book of paintings with its poetry, is much more than pretty pictures. If cave paintings were intended to warn of danger for primitive man, this book is a warning for contemporary man. Earth will survive with or without the human species. This is the Land of Two Suns has an urgent message for all. Humanity is running out of time.
I have been touched by Shelley’s images and verse. One reading of her book is not enough. Each time you return to the verses, you will once again commune with nature and consider man’s part. You will never again look at the sky, the landscape and the trees in the way you once did. We are deeply connected with nature, but we have, in many ways, severed that connection. We need to find our way back.

I could not help but provide you with an excerpt from her book. The entire work was lovingly conceived and created. Enjoy!

by Shelley Lowell

No one knows me.
A tree, I will always be.
Nature’s partner
Same meadow.
A tree, I will always be.

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